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How To Build an ADU - A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Constructing Your Own ADU

ADUs are a great way to repurpose underused areas and create more living space in your home, perfect for renting out or housing a family!

Cottage's ADU Impact Report - Seattle's ADU Boom

Seattle outpaces any California market in ADU growth, but there’s a big gap in projects that start the permitting process and those that are built.

Building a garage conversion ADU in Los Angeles - Everything you need to know

California has seen a steady increase in garage ADU conversions over the last few years — a popular choice among LA homeowners since they can be less expensive and faster to build than new ADU construction projects.

Transforming Your Garage into a Profitable Living Space

Garage Conversion ADUs offer a profitable way to maximize space, house loved ones, and generate rental income. Learn about eligibility, costs, requirements, and the benefits of converting your garage.

How Much Value Does An ADU Add to Your Property?

Learn why building an ADU is a home and property value no-brainer for any homeowner with a backyard space or garage to convert.

Cottage Homeowner Terms

Design and build with confidence.