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Why join the Cottage Builder Network?

We are proud to work with our network of quality builders to bring Cottage designs to life.

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Vetted Clients

We set client expectations for project budget, timeline, and feasibility prior to introducing 
them to you.

We Design, You Build

We handle design development and permits while keeping you in the loop, allowing your team to focus on building.

Grow Your Business

We match you with a stream of qualified clients, as you manage in-progress construction.

How it works

Apply to join the Cottage Builder Network

Tell us about your business, and we'll see if it's a good fit for us and your team.

Secure a project pipeline you can rely on

We'll match you with high-intent clients in your service area.

Focus on building

Cottage handles design & permitting, you build with exclusive tools to help manage your projects.

“Cottage is the leader in the ADU market-they educate clients, streamline the process for all stakeholders, and deliver great quality of work. They make projects easier and fun for everyone involved!”

Akshat J.

Cottage Builder Network Contractor

“Working with Cottage has allowed us to better forecast our work load in the company and allocate our resources in a more productive manner by being involved in the projects from their inception and having a clearer expectation of the project start.”

Gabriel A.
Cottage Builder Network Contractor

“Partnering with Cottage has made the customer experience significantly better. As a joint team, we take the stress out of designing and building ADUs altogether. As a result, our customers are extremely happy and often recommend us to others.”

Sergio R.
Cottage Builder Network Contractor

What we look for

Fully licensed, insured and bonded

Experience with ground-up construction

Glowing reviews & references

Local expertise in your service area

Strong client communication

Looking to grow your business

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