About Cottage

Room for more

We're a team of architects, builders, and technologists committed to helping homeowners and pros build more and build better.

Our mission

Empower homeowners and pros to build more and build better.

Our core values
Build like you own the place
Breaking ground
Optimistic leadership

Meet the team reimagining residential construction

Alex Czarnecki

Founder & CEO

Ben Scott

Head of Finance & Strategy

Emily Hou

Head of Engineering

At Cottage, our product enables pros and homeowners to get more done on their real-world construction projects than ever before.

Emily Hou - Head of Engineering

Jorge Gonzalez

Head of Operations

Luke Prokopiak

Head of Product

Kyu Kim

Director of Growth

“We’ve heard the pain points that homeowners and professionals face in construction, and our goal is to improve the experience for everyone.

Kyu Kim - Director of Growth

Zach Ackerman

Head of Marketplace

It’s rare to be at a company whose product changes people's lives. It’s what we do, and we love to do it.

Zach Ackerman - Head of Marketplace

Adam Zwecker

Operations Manager

Alexis Louie

Software Engineer

Anbo Wei

Senior Software Engineer

Cole Stevens

Associate, Marketplace

Colin Logan

Project Delivery Lead

Danielle Marseglia

Architecture Associate

Elena Ouyang

Senior Software Engineer

Livia Azevedo

Project Delivery Specialist

Maddy Chung

Marketing Manager

Matt Jungert

Senior Manager, Operations Optimization

Mohammad Eddir

Software Engineer

Sahil Tadwalkar

Senior Associate, Marketplace Growth

Sam Marx

Director of Sales

Tarush Govil

Software Engineer

Yuduo Zhao

Software Engineer

Troy Lyon

Senior Account Executive

Yongjoon Kim

Technical Product Management Lead

Zack Karrasch

Lead Product Designer