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Cottage Breaks Ground in Los Angeles

Cottage has arrived in Los Angeles, bringing our best-in-class ADU platform to Southern California homeowners.

October 24, 2022

We’re excited to announce Cottage’s official expansion into the Los Angeles area!

Demand for ADUs in LA has skyrocketed over the past few years, and ADUs have been embraced by LA homeowners as a great way to maximize their space or generate rental income.

Cottage provides LA homeowners with the right way to do their ADU – from design to permitting and all the way through to construction. We have developed as the leader in customized ADUs across California, with a track record of saving homeowners thousands of dollars and months of time on building their ADUs. In LA, like other places we work, we’ve partnered with the vetted local contractors to get homeowners the quality build that is often so hard to find.

We’ve been working in the background over the past several months doing what it takes to bring the first LA projects to life. Now, we’re excited to say that a number of our LA area projects have broken ground. Take a look!

LA’s early adopter homeowners are already raving about Cottage. “I chose Cottage for my ADU because of the team’s ability to meet my personal needs and customize the unit to fit into the available space,” said Jean Quay, a North Hollywood resident whose Cottage ADU recently kicked off construction. “The designer was great. Everything I wanted was immediately put into the plans, and I’m very excited about watching my dream be constructed. The ADU will be used for rental income until the day comes when I will ‘age in place.’"

In Los Angeles and other cities, Cottage sees the opportunity to help local homeowners more easily unlock the benefits of ADUs and help communities add housing amidst the widespread housing shortage. Cottage’s expansion is already bringing a steady flow of work to local Los Angeles vetted builders, architects, and contractors, and we’re proud to be working with more and more of these partners as we go.