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What Custom Options Are There for Tiny Homes?

Building and designing a custom tiny home allows you to pick and choose the features you need for a functional and fabulous space.

October 10, 2019

If you think that tiny homes have to be a boring box, think again! In fact, there are plenty of custom options available for tiny homes that allow you to create a functional and gorgeous space tailored to your needs.

From bathrooms to kitchens, office spaces, and outdoor spaces, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your tiny home.

Do You Need a Custom Tiny Home?

Many people are enticed by the seemingly low prices and affordability of prefabricated or even DIY tiny homes. With these options available, do you really need a custom tiny home? We believe the answer may be yes for you, and let us tell you why.

Everyone’s needs are different, and there are so many different ways that you can use a tiny home ranging from rental income to housing aging parents to off-the-grid living.

A custom tiny home allows you to pick and choose the features you want to truly maximize your small space and your budget at the same time.

What Custom Options Are There for Tiny Homes?

When it comes to tiny homes, the customizable options are endless. Here are some different ideas that you may want to consider when designing your dream space:

1. Custom Builds

For starters, you can design a custom floor plan for your tiny home. This option is particularly valuable since tiny homes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple 300 square-foot studios to spacious 1,000 square-foot dwellings with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

You can design your custom floor plan based on the needs, space, and budget that you’re working with.

For instance, a tiny home built for your aging parents would look quite different compared to a tiny home built for an adult child in terms of space, design, interior, accessibility features, etc.

2. Custom Kitchens

In a regular-sized home, there’s nothing better than a custom kitchen that has been specifically designed to meet your needs—the same is true for tiny homes. Just because you’re working with fewer square feet doesn’t mean that you can’t have a premium kitchen where you can easily cook a gourmet meal.

Oftentimes in prefab tiny homes, the kitchens include smaller versions of essential appliances that can make the space feel more dorm than dream.

However, when you design your custom tiny home kitchen, you can include full-sized appliances like a refrigerator or oven, ample counter space, sufficient storage space, and even seating space with an island or peninsula.

3. Custom Bathrooms

Many people falsely assume that a tiny home bathroom has to be a cramped space with just a toilet, shower, and sink with no room for luxury design or craftsmanship. However, custom tiny home bathrooms allow you to create the spa-like space that you’ve been dreaming of.

For instance, you can design large walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, jets, the whole nine yards. If you’re more of a tub person, you can include a relaxing soaker tub. If you need more counter space, you can have a double vanity or even a makeup vanity. In essence, with the right budget and design team, you can follow your wildest design dreams in modern tiny living!

Tiny house builders can offer a range of plumbing options, including septic and compostable toilets (like those popular with RV or trailer users).

4. Custom Closets

Storage can be a huge struggle in tiny homes, but it doesn’t have to be with the addition of custom closets. If you need more space for your things, you may want to include a walk-in closet in your tiny home. You can choose smart closet designs with an ample amount of shelves, racks, and drawers to easily and aesthetically store all of your stuff.

So while downsizing may be necessary within a tiny home, you definitely don’t have to get rid of everything if you have enough storage space.

5. Custom Exteriors

If you want your tiny home to fit seamlessly into your lot and feel like it was always meant to be there, then you may want to consider customizing the exterior to match the main house. Overall, your tiny home should match the basic style of the main house by including matching or at least complementary siding, trim, brick, windows, doors, paint colors, and more.

6. Custom Outdoor Spaces

But don’t let the customization end with the tiny house itself—take it a step further and create a custom outdoor area to maximize your space by making it all usable and functional. Living in a tiny home provides you the opportunity to spend more time in the great outdoors—so take advantage of this handcrafted movement hidden benefit with a custom outdoor space.

Some features that you may want to include in your custom outdoor space include chairs, a couch, tables, porches, fire pits, grills, etc.

7. Custom Work Spaces

Many prefab tiny homes only offer the bare minimum in terms of practical space that often leaves you with nowhere to get your work done. Unless you want to work at the kitchen table or in a sleeping loft, you may want to consider designing a custom workspace within your tiny home.

If all you need is your laptop to get your work done, then you may want to consider a small built-in desk within an office nook for a compact yet functional workspace. On the other hand, if your office equipment is a bit more involved with multiple monitors, you may want to consider a completely separate and spacious office.

8. Custom Laundry Spaces

If you don’t want to go into the main house to do your laundry or go to the laundromat then you should definitely consider incorporating a custom laundry space within your tiny home.

For smaller spaces, this may look like a stackable washer and dryer within a small closet for simplicity. However, for larger spaces, you may be able to design a separate room with a washer, dryer, sink, ironing board, or other luxury amenities suited to your specific needs.

9. Custom Windows and Doors

There’s nothing worse than a tiny home model that feels totally enclosed and dark due to a lack of sufficient doors and windows. Instead, you can brighten up the space with custom doors and windows and make your shelter a place of pride and comfort.

With custom homes, you can choose French doors or even large sliders for easy outdoor access. You can choose floor-to-ceiling windows to better incorporate the architecture of your indoor space with your outdoor space. Finally, you can choose cool features like skylights to incorporate more light in an unexpected and creative way.

How To Get Started With Your Custom Tiny Home

Dealing with all of these customizations on your own may seem overwhelming, which is where tiny home builders and designers like Cottage can really be of assistance. Cottage offers custom tiny home designs to match your unique space, budget, and needs.

We offer an all-inclusive and hassle-free process from start to finish—taking care of permitting while involving you in the design process starting from scratch. From there, our team of vetted contractors handles the building process with a one-year workmanship guarantee.

At the end of the day, you’re left with the perfect tiny home for your unique preferences!

Customize Your Tiny Home Today

For the next steps, you can contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss goals and ideas for your space.

If you’re looking for a bit more information and inspiration before you move forward, you should check out some of our featured projects to see how we can completely transform your existing backyard or accessory space.


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