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Custom ADU with Cottage

Why build a custom ADU with Cottage: To add ADU rental income, living space for parents & family, work from home offices, increase home equity & more.
Updated Sep 02, 2020
Homeowners build ADUs for a variety of reasons, often multiple at once, and the flexibility is one of the best reasons to build one. You might rent out your ADU for a few years, then house family in it, then move into it yourself!

Earn ADU rental income

We live in some of the most expensive housing markets in the country. ADUs allow homeowners to make monthly income off their extra space - garages, carports, backyards and basements. Find out how much you could earn with an ADU here.
Given their design, an ADU lets you keep your privacy; unlike renting out a bedroom, there’s no sharing an entrance, bathroom, kitchen or couch.

Boost the equity in your home with an ADU

By building an extra bedroom, bathroom, and a few hundred additional square feet, you could increase your property value by hundreds of thousands of dollars. The return on investment from building an ADU is often significantly higher than other home renovation projects (e.g. redoing your kitchen).

Add ADU Housing for family & friends

ADUs are a great option for housing aging parents nearby, adult children who are getting started in their careers or saving to buy a home.

More flexible space for yourself with your ADU

ADUs can also make great home offices, studios, gyms and play rooms! Some homeowners like them so much that they decide to live in the ADU and rent out their main house.
Building an ADU for multiple purposes? It’s important to design your ADU with all of this in mind. Get in touch, and we can help you build the custom ADU that meets your needs.

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