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Kirkland, Washington

Kirkland has seen ADUs gaining in popularity, in large part due to its ADU rules that make it easy to build one. Here are up-to-date ADU rules for Kirkland.
Updated May 22, 2023


Kirkland, Washington is a vibrant city located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, just across from the city of Seattle. Kirkland offers a unique blend of natural beauty, thriving businesses, and a strong sense of community. If you're considering building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Kirkland, it's important to understand the city's regulations and guidelines.
ADUs in Kirkland can take the form of a detached structure (DADU), an attached addition (AADU), or a converted space within an existing building. Each type of ADU can have specific rules that apply to that type. ADUs offer an opportunity to increase housing options, promote affordability, and enhance the livability of Kirkland neighborhoods.


Accessary Dwelling Unit (ADU) projects must meet all of Kirkland's Zoning Code requirements, specifically Chapter 115.07. A property's zone is available on Kirkland's Zoning Map or within the City's property database.

Number of units

The City of Kirkland permits up to two ADUs, and they may be either attached or detached.

Building size

The maximum size of an ADU in Kirkland is 1,200 square feet.


Setbacks are determined by the zoning. Detached ADUs (DADUs) may sited up to five feet from an alley. DADUs without alley access may be located up to five feet from the rear property line, so long as part of the structure occupying the reduced setback is no taller than 15 feet.


The addition of one ADU does not require an additional parking spot. If two ADUs are added, one parking spot is required. Exceptions to this exist if there is available street parking within 600 feet or the property is within a half mile of public transit.


Owner-occupancy is not required for ADUs built in the City of Kirkland.

Other Considerations

To build an ADU, all zoning rules much be adhered to (including setbacks, lot coverage, and so forth), all Building and Fire Codes must be met, and Public Works review(s) must be conducted.
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