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Santee, California

Santee has updated its ADU ordinance to comply with new state laws. Below are the up-to-date requirements for permitting an ADU in Santee
Updated Jul 27, 2022


Santee is a great place to build an ADU! The city is located in the central part of San Diego County and is known for its great weather and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of things to do in Santee, from hiking and biking trails to golf courses and parks. The city also has a variety of shops and restaurants.
Building an ADU in Santee is a great way to add value to your home and provide extra income. Cottage can help you get started with the ADU process.


All properties zoned for single family and multifamily use may be eligible to build ADUs.

Number of units

The number of ADUs you’re able to build depends on how your lot is zoned:
  • Lots zoned for single family use may add 1 ADU and 1 Jr. ADU (JADU).
  • Lots zoned for multi-family may add 2 new detached ADUs and at least one conversion ADU (interior conversion of existing building, but no more than 25% of the original number of units. (E.g. an apartment with 4 units may add 2 detached ADUs and 1 conversion ADU.)

Building size

  • The maximum size is 500.0 sq. ft. for a JADU
  • 850 sq.ft. max for studio/1 bed sq. ft. max for a detached ADU

Building height

  • Building height detached: 16 feet (single story)


  • Backyard Existing Structure Setback: Six (6) feet from habitable structures and five (5) feet from accessory structures.
  • Side Yard Existing Structure Setback: Six (6) feet from habitable structures and five (5) feet from accessory structures.


• Uncovered off-street parking (9’x19’) is required except when the: • Lot is within 1/2-mile walking distance of public transit stop; • ADU is part of the existing/proposed primary residence or accessory structure, with no more than a 150 square foot addition for ingress/egress; or • Lot is within 1 block of an established car share vehicle stop. • When a garage or carport is demolished, in conjunction with the construction or conversion of an ADU, those off-street parking spaces are not required to be replaced.


  • Owner occupancy not required
  • No short term rentals (<30 days)
  • No sale of the ADU separate from the main home

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