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San Jose ADU for Senior Living without Losing the Backyard

1 bed | 1 bath | 635 sq. ft.
A San Jose homeowner wanted to build an ADU for his aging mother, but also needed to retain usable backyard space. Off-the-shelf prefab options just didn’t fit the bill. Enter Cottage’s customizable designs, which perfectly balanced a livable ADU and functional backyard.

Senior Living in San Jose

A homeowner in San Jose was seeking retirement living options for his aging mother. He had heard about ADUs as an economic alternative to traditional senior living centers and, after researching the concept, found that an ADU would provide his mother with a fitting home – large enough to live comfortably – and for much less than other options.
As the homeowner looked around, he noticed that many prefab and modular ADU options had basic rectangle footprints. Though many of these options could technically fit on his lot, when built, they would sever his backyard and render most of the exterior yard space useless. Specifically, the homeowner had a very lovely pergola that was home to fun outdoor activities like dining with family. Was there something out there that would allow him to build the ADU around his beloved backyard gathering space?

Customized Design to Maintain a Usable Backyard

While contemplating this enigma, the homeowner happened upon Cottage and our floor plan catalog. The homeowner discovered a number of intriguing options that, when placed on his lot, appeared to address his problem. One L-shaped option was a perfect match for his and his mother’s needs, and provided a starting point for Cottage’s feasibility exploration and design.

Best Value Process

Through the project, the Cottage team provided guidance through all stages needed to build the ADU. In initial feasibility assessment, the team identified a number of easements that affected where the ADU’s footprint was allowed to be placed. In design, the team refined the homeowner’s preferred, L-shaped floor plan to hug the back corner of the lot, maximize usable space, and keep the beloved pergola at the center of it all. The project progressed through permitting and construction, getting to the finish line with “no surprises on cost,” as the homeowner put it. The finished ADU at an unwavering price point is a shining example of Cottage’s commitment to transparency up front and throughout the project.

ADUs to Fit Your Budget And Needs

At Cottage, we believe in providing homeowners the best ADU experience possible. From feasibility, to design, permitting, and construction, we're here to guide you through each step of the journey.
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