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San Diego Garage Conversion In-Law Unit with Customized Touch

1 bed | 1 bath | 430 sq. ft.
ADUs for aging relatives are often a more economical and desirable option than assisted living centers and nursing homes. One North County San Diego homeowner saw this, and reached out to Cottage to help her get an ADU that fit her need for a beautiful home within reach for her aging mother.

ADU for Senior Living in San Diego

The homeowner came to Cottage with a clear vision for an ADU: She needed a place to house her aging mother, and she liked the idea of matching a new ADU to her existing house, with its rustic motifs and elegant landscaping, nestled along the California hillside.
As the homeowner discovered, building an ADU was a better senior living option for her mother for two main reasons. First, the costs associated with ADU would be simply cheaper than paying the costs for an assisted living facility or a nursing home for an extended period of time.
Secondly, a new ADU offered the chance for a nicer living situation for her mother. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes may often feel more like hospitals than places for aging peacefully and gracefully. Located a few steps from the homeowner’s front door, the ADU also gave her the ability to easily see her mother’s condition – something that was not quite as easy with a retirement home.

Customized Design Connects the ADU to the Home

From the start, the garage was the area of focus for the ADU. The homeowner was interested in converting the garage into a livable unit, but because the garage was very close to the existing home, she felt there was a chance to better connect the main home with a lush wood pergola, or wood overhang. This would allow for a visual connection between the main home and the new unit, and provide a place for daughter and mom to socialize outdoors, between the units.
From the start of the process, Cottage worked diligently to help the homeowner synthesize her ideas and tastes into a livable design. The homeowner brought to the table photographs and design inspirations that drew from traditional and contemporary motifs, and Cottage synthesized these initial ideas into a final design that fit with the existing home and garden.

Cottage Delivers on Design, Permitting and Contractors

Through the process, Cottage did deep research and due diligence with the City, including direct conversations and outreach with local planning staff, to ensure the final design was indeed possible and met local requirements. Additionally, structural considerations were made to ensure the new pergola connecting the ADU and the main home would work with the reutilized and expanded existing garage.
The result is a beautiful garage conversion ADU that is the perfect blend of economic consideration and thoughtful design. The final layout provides a 430-square-foot livable ADU – including a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen – connected to the main home by a beautiful patio sheltered with a customized wood pergola.

Customized ADUs to Fit Your Needs

At Cottage, we believe in providing homeowners the best ADU experience possible. From feasibility, to design, permitting, and construction, we're here to guide you through each step of the journey.
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