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Modern ADU Delivered with Transparent, Streamlined Process

1 bed | 1 bath | 500 sq. ft.
A growing family in Mountain View, California wanted to create an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the back yard so that family members could have a place for entertaining and hosting guests. The space seemed to be there, but what would be the first step? Having undertaken home renovation projects before, the family knew that perils like cost overruns, unscrupulous contractors, and more were lurking – especially with new, evolving ADU rules coming out on a regular basis that dictated what could and could not be built on the lot.

Up Front Planning Saves Time & Money

When the family found out about Cottage, it was the cost and time savings that made it an easy choice to call on the team. “What makes Cottage unique is their upfront planning and scoping process,” said Angela, the family’s main liaison with Cottage through the ADU project. “Better upfront planning made all of the differences in our experience.”

Customized Design

When it was time to design the unit, there were some clear considerations to make. Notably, the family wanted to make sure the ADU was built to required standards and also didn’t overtake the entire yard once it was constructed. Thus, Cottage’s customized design approach – which offered options that could be tailored precisely to their needs – was appealing.
To start, Cottage helped the family identify the required lot setbacks in order to site the ADU at the farthest allowed edges of the yard. Additionally, the family worked with Cottage designers to choose the right floor plan (an L-shape) so that the unit could abut the corner of the lot and maximize the amount of outdoor space available in the back yard.
Early on, the family considered a basement movie theater concept with the Cottage team, but the team soon determined the costs associated were above budget. Therefore, Cottage worked up a scheme so that the main living area of the ADU could be converted into a home movie theater by dropping down a large projection screen and closing the curtains to keep the light out. Cottage set the family up with a contractor that could handle the details required: the retractable projector screen, in-wall speakers, and a small projection “booth” to the side of the main living room where the projector and audio/visual equipment is housed.

Customized ADUs to Fit Your Budget And Needs

At Cottage, we believe in providing homeowners the best ADU experience possible from start to finish. From the initial feasibility and planning conversations to design to permitting to construction, we're here to guide your project from start to finish.
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