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Customized LA Bungalow ADU for Rental and Personal Use

2 bed | 1.5 bath | 725 sq. ft.
One LA-area homeowner with a classic Los Angeles bungalow loved her home and her neighborhood, and reached out to Cottage about an ADU to accommodate her growing family. Cottage stepped in with its streamlined approach to produce an ADU that delivers on all fronts.

The Opportunity

A homeowner living in central LA was seeking an affordable way to accommodate her growing family without having to leave the neighborhood she and her family loved. She also had an affection for her existing home: a quintessential LA bungalow, right out of the Golden Age of Hollywood. The home’s design was early modern, and drought-tolerant landscaping and upgraded exterior finishes were added over the years to make it picture-perfect.
After perusing various housing for sale around the LA area, the homeowner found that other, larger homes nearby simply were out of reach. LA housing has seen skyrocketing prices in recent years, and the lack of attainable housing options were plainly clear when she and her husband looked around. Both had heard about Accessory Dwelling Units before, and ultimately came to the conclusion that an ADU was the sensible choice to upgrade the family’s living situation.

Vetted Professionals to the Rescue

The homeowner originally had started her ADU project in 2020 with a local design-builder who designed a project that busted the budget. On top of that, the initial ADU design was held up in a building department permitting quagmire for over a year. After what felt like eons of trying to get the original ADU design approved with no success, the original designer dropped out of the picture, and with that went the homeowner’s initial $20,000 in design fees.
Thus, the homeowner had to start over, and she turned to Cottage. As she explained, getting an initial consultation from Cottage with no up-front fees was especially appealing considering she had already sunk cash into the project with nothing to show for it. Cottage’s established track record of getting only ADUs approved and built across California was also intriguing, given her project’s previous hurdles. Finally, the chance to get connected with a vetted local contractor was a plus.

The Right Approach for an LA ADU

The homeowner also appreciated the Cottage’s team’s customized approach, which allowed her to match her ADU to her lovely LA bungalow, and design a unit that was flexible for the family’s evolving needs.
During design discussions, the homeowner and her family described a desire for flexible space that could be used as a home recording studio and DJ practice space. Simultaneously, the family recognized the appeal of having space that could be rented out for extra income. Thus, the family worked with Cottage to create an ADU with two separate entrances – one for the family to enter the home recording studio and flex space, and one for future renters to enter the separate kitchen and living areas. A locked door between the studio and the rest of the ADU, as well as soundproofing around the studio space, provided the needed separation between homeowner and renter. The scheme ultimately also provided flexibility for the family to move into the ADU and rent out the primary home, when the time or circumstances were right.

Customized ADUs to Fit Your Budget And Needs

At Cottage, we believe in providing homeowners the best ADU experience possible. From feasibility, to design, permitting, and construction, we're here to guide you through each step of the journey.
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