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Perfect Pleasanton ADU For Aging-In-Place

1 bed | 1 bath | 533 sq. ft.

Same Property, Separate Roofs: Keeping Family Together

This detached 1 bedroom ADU unit is bringing family closer to home.
Ever since moving to this quiet Pleasanton neighborhood in 2017, these homeowners longed for grandma to join them close by.
However, with rising home prices fueled by an influx of San Francisco Bay Area buyers during the pandemic, buying an entirely separate home became out of the question. Furthermore, having extended family close was important—but not under the same roof.
With the new statewide ADU regulations, however, having a separate unit on the property suddenly became an option—and the homeowners quickly realized that their backyard/side yard space overlooking the East Bay hills was the perfect spot.
With the grandkids growing out of using the outdoor playground, the backyard space was perfect for the detached ADU.
The ADU under construction in Fall 2021 with a beautiful hillside view.

An Open, Airy, and Spacious ADU Design

With the homeowner's mother intending on moving into the new ADU unit, the use case dictated the custom design decisions for the floor plan and finishes.
Spacious enough for family, efficient enough for the limited space.
The Cottage Design team worked within the backyard space, taking required setbacks and distance from the existing home into account to arrive at a rectangular-shaped floor plan with a closet bump-out to fit as closely to the property line as possible. This feature maximized the master bathroom space and allowed for the bedroom to be separated from the kitchen, dining, and living room area.
Location-wise, the custom and efficient floor plan that pushed the ADU as far from the street as possible minimized the neighborhood impact of the new unit. It also left as much open green space as possible around the front and sides of the existing home to maintain a shared backyard space for the multi-generational family to enjoy for decades to come.

Lofty Living Throughout

Upon entering the ADU, viewers are immediately struck by the vaulted ceilings and huge skylight within the main living area. These lofty ceilings draw the eye upwards to help make the area feel extra spacious while also visually matching the gabled roof exterior.
With family moving in, the homeowners made sure to choose high quality fixtures and finishes that matched the existing home. Quartz countertops, shaker cabinets, and recessed lighting highlight the kitchen and living room, while recessed lighting, fan, and wide windows in the bedroom expand the space further.
The full bathroom also houses a washer and dryer closet to make the unit entirely self-sufficient.

Quality Built to Last a Lifetime

Like any Cottage ADU, this ground-up construction was built to last for multiple generations. With the ADU and existing home overlooking the picturesque Pleasanton hills to the south, the optimal area to build sat on a slight slope.
Additional foundation support and structural engineering was designed to account for the hillside slope, ensuring the longevity of the ADU unit.
From the start, the Cottage team took the property-specific characteristics into account for the overall ADU design. Based on the site survey and structural engineering portions of the design, this resulted in additional concrete foundation work to ensure that the project would last well into the future.

Custom ADUs to Fit Your Budget And Needs

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