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Huge Retirement ADU with Custom Design (with 360 Degree Virtual Tour)

2 bed | 2 bath | 1196 sq. ft.
While retirement can bring new needs and lifestyle, it doesn't have to come with downsized expectations for your living space. This Los Altos Hills homeowner entering retirement loved her existing five bedroom home and had no intention of moving from the area, but with fewer family members living with her, she had less of a need for the full house.
With the latest ADU regulations, the homeowner eyed her backyard space between a group of trees and the existing pool to place a large ADU. While she had looked into other prefab ADU companies, the homeowner wanted to customize her new forever home to match the mid-century modern feel of her existing home, with vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan as well as comfortable fixtures and finishes to match. She also wanted to work with a company that could help max out the livable space in her detached accessory dwelling unit while meeting the statewide ADU limits of 1200 sq. ft for her new backyard unit.
On the outside, the homeowner wanted to match the modern yet natural aesthetic of her existing home. A gabled roof spans the entire ADU unit including the courtyard space, while extended glass and clerestory windows as well as multiple additional skylights allow for plenty of light to enter from the yard side.
The Cottage team designed the large, 1196 sq. ft ADU into two zones: A spacious kitchen, dining, and living room space perfect for entertaining and hosting family gatherings, and a spacious 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom side of the house for private space.
Both areas open into a cozy courtyard space with a fire pit and backyard barbecue for warm summer afternoons and cooler evenings, with all three sides opening to the courtyard sporting sliding glass entryway doors for the indoor-outdoor feel for the backyard Cottage.
In the ADU interior, the homeowner also wanted to preserve a few of the historical furniture pieces from the existing main home and incorporate them into the ADU space. She also wanted the second bedroom to serve dual function as a guest room and painting studio, as she is an avid painter. These special requirements helped guide the design process and reflects Cottage's custom approach to designing and building the right ADU for homeowners.
Whether in the hills of Los Altos or suburban Oakland, homeowners across the Bay Area have come to us looking to build accessory dwelling units for aging family members or downsizing for themselves. With team members who have built ADUs themselves for this exact purpose as well as for other reasons, we are well equipped to help guide you through the ADU process from start-to-finish.
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