Case Studies

In-law unit for first-time homeowners in Redwood City

We designed and built this 748 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom detached ADU for first-time homeowners Harold & Kim in Redwood City.

Anamika GoyalOctober 18, 2020

Harold & Kim just purchased their first home in Redwood City and were looking to build a space for their parents to move into. They both work full-time jobs, and after scratching the surface on local municipal regulations and speaking with a few contractors, they realized they wanted someone to handle the process end-to-end on their behalf.

Harold’s parents were moving from a 2,000 sq. ft. home to the 748 sq. ft. ADU, so they wanted it to feel as spacious as possible, while keeping a portion of their backyard open and the flexibility for a future expansion to the main home’s master bedroom. With a space-efficient rectangular design, we were able to fit 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms a full-size kitchen, and a great room area.

Grey stucco siding, white window casement and a gable roof match the character of the main home, while a concrete paver patio between the two units allows for indoor-outdoor living.

The open concept great room is a comfortable multi-use space for Harold’s parents, who are selling their home in Southern California to move into the unit full-time. The kitchen has full-size appliances and a peninsula that provides extra cabinetry on one side and bar seating on the other.

We did this all with a budget less than $240,000 and are excited to see this it come to life as we break ground in the coming weeks!

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