About Cottage

Room for more

We're a team of architects, builders, and technologists committed to solving housing affordability by making it easy to build an ADU.

Our mission

We empower homeowners and contractors to build more and build better.

Our core values

Build like you own the place
Break ground
Customer obsession

Meet the team reimagining residential construction

Alex Czarnecki
Founder & CEO
Anamika Goyal
Head of Design
David Chanin
Head of Operations
Kevin Chen
Head of Growth
Jorge Gonzalez
Head of Build Marketplace and Delivery
Ryan Elgram
Head of Engineering
Each Cottage project is an opportunity to create value for homeowners on many levels. Working with brilliant teammates is an added bonus.
Jimmie Sandman
Homeowner Consultant
Yongjoon Kim
Design Systems Lead
Kyu Kim
Sales Operations Lead
Brian Tesch
City Operations Lead
Jimmie Sandman
Sales Manager
Caleb Lee
Strategic Partnerships Lead
Troy Lyon
Homeowner Consultant
Manon Paquet
Architecture Lead
Hillary Scott
Senior Operations Manager
Zach Ackerman
Operations Lead, Project Success
It’s rare to be at a company whose product changes people's lives. It’s what we do, and we love to do it.
Zachary Ackerman
Operations Manager
Pyline Tangsuvanich
Design Studio Manager
Melissa Lang
Homeowner Consultant
Zev Newman
Ethan Wolferman
Homeowner Consultant
You Chia Lai
Operations Manager
Patrick Leveque
Homeowner Consultant
Kendall Smith
Operations Manager

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