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Sunny San Bruno Detached ADU

1 bed | 1 bath | 440 sq. ft.

A Backyard Made For This ADU

Check out this video tour of this recently completed Cottage ADU in San Bruno, CA
How can an ADU feel neighborly?
For starters, integrating your new ADU with the existing home is one of the best strategies out there, and this project is no exception. This ADU project uses a colored stucco finish and a gabled roof with composition shingle to match the existing home, and classic window trim to create a timeless unit for years to come.
The backyard before the ADU.
The after: ADU with a shared yard space.
Finally, the 1-bedroom unit uses a stem-wall foundation for stability at the base of a big hill, and a concrete utility pad around back to keep all mechanical equipment organized and easily accessible. Design decisions like these, though often overlooked, contribute to the longevity and durability of your ADU unit.

An Elegant Custom ADU Design

The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom ADU floor plan was designed to fit the homeowner's backyard as tightly as possible while keeping some separation from the existing home.

Open Dining & Living Room

Coming home should feel warm and inviting, and that’s exactly how the Cottage design team approached this simple and efficient living room design. The homeowners wanted to ensure that the space was flexible, yet provided ample storage for long-term family visits.
The media nook was sized to house a large flat screen TV or bookshelf without crowding the living room. Lastly, the in-unit washer/dryer unit was a must-have to support future renters. The skylight also provides extra natural light for the space, further saving the owner and future tenants on PG&E bills down the road.
A full-sized kitchen accents the space.
The open floor plan creates a spacious unit.

Full-size ADU Kitchen

One common design question Cottage often gets from homeowners is “Can I really fit a full kitchen in my ADU?” The answer is absolutely! In fact, this kitchen space is larger than most Bay Area apartments, with plenty of countertops, cabinets, and full sized appliances for easy daily cooking.
One other fun feature—the homeowner debated long and hard whether they wanted the window to be above the sink—at the end of the day, either answer would have worked!

Bathroom with Tile-In Shower

It’s tougher to spot from inside, but this bathroom actually juts out from the rectangular shape of the rest of the unit to take advantage of the full backyard space. This adds efficiency to the ADU: the water heater can be tucked away just outside of the sink wall, and all the plumbing lines can clustered to one side of the unit.
This lowered the cost of construction—and not to mention the monthly energy bill! These are the types of site-specific customizations that the Cottage design team is always on the lookout for with your ADU.
The solar tube above the bathroom allows for natural light into the space.
The ADU sports a large bedroom with desk nook and closet.

Comfortable Bedroom Living Quarters

The orientation of the ADU gives the bedroom space both visibility into the backyard and privacy from the rest of the unit. With the homeowners envisioning family and friends being the immediate occupants of the ADU having a full bedroom was an absolute must.
Instead of leaving an empty wall, the Cottage design team decided to pair a half closet space with a simple desk nook with a window right above. Speaking of windows, the three sets of windows allows ample morning light to enter into the space without compromising privacy or comfortable space for a headboard.

Quality Construction Built to Last

With this ADU built partially in what used to be the hillside at the back of the property, the initial site preparation and foundation steps were key for this detached ADU unit. In addition, a municipal sewer easement spanning the rear of the property limited the amount of buildable space in this backyard.
Luckily for the homeowner, Cottage's custom approach to ADU design and construction allowed for the homeowner to take advantage of every inch possible in the backyard. Check out the during and post-construction images below!

It's All in the Details

From the stucco exterior to the bathroom shower tiling, no detail was left untouched in the ADU. Most importantly, Cottage's design and operations team members helped the homeowner choose the finishes and fixtures that matched their use cases.
In this case, this meant matching the existing home as closely as possible. Features that didn't overshadow the main home, but complemented it instead. Tasteful choices that fit exactly within the homeowner's budget without breaking the bank.
The Cottage Design Team pored over every detail of this unit.
The wide skylight adds to spacious feel of the ADU.
This is the Cottage process in action: ADUs customized for your property, your needs, and your budget.
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