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This Spanish Bungalow ADU is The California Backyard Dream

2 bed | 2 bath | 726 sq. ft.
At Cottage, we believe in ADU design and construction that is perfect for your specific needs and budget, all built at a level of quality that lasts. Matching the specific home details of your ADU to the aesthetic of your existing home is a common request that we hear from homeowners, and this 726 sq. ft. ADU unit was no different. These clients wanted their 2 bedroom home to echo the bright colors, artwork, and beautiful living space of their primary residence.
With 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this unit has all the rental income potential upside without blowing the budget.
When you think of Spanish Bungalows, you may think of butcher block countertops, subway tile, and a magnificent fireplace. Modeled upon the period look of Spanish Bungalow-style homes that are common to Southern California, the 2 bedroom backyard second unit is well proportioned to fit well in tighter backyard spaces.
The Cottage design team wanted this entry courtyard, outdoor area, and driveway to have the look and feel of the classic wineries, renowned restaurants, and al-fresco living that Spanish Bungalows so commonly bring to mind, all within the four walls of this private backyard living space.
In addition, its simple yet elegant design is aesthetically pleasing and an immediate add to the value of the entire property without being an eyesore that can be the case for many prefab ADU or modular ADUs on the market today. This was the ideal location for an ADU with all of the style and comforts of a fine hotel.
On the exterior, off-white colored stucco paired with large windows give the rectangular unit a timeless feel. That combined with the clay tile parapets and flat roof brings the casita its automatic visual appeal and helps it blend in with the existing home.
The entry door opens to an efficient open floor plan layout, with the gourmet kitchen, dining area, and living spaces making up the first half of the unit. It's easy to imagine yourself enjoying a glass of wine at this casita's dining table, preparing a vegan dinner in its crockpot, or relaxing with your favorite French press coffee every morning. It's the ideal setting for vacation guests and renters alike to recreate the perfect wine country getaway in the comfort of suburban SoCal.
In the rear of the unit, a mirrored bedroom, closet, and guest bedroom brings maximum efficiency from both a design and construction cost standpoint to give you the best bang for your buck.
The clever design creates space for extra blankets, a Roku TV and smart Blu-ray DVD player for DVD movies, a JBL wireless speaker, and other amenities that make these bedroom spaces feel like home. You could even make room for a king-size bed or an in-unit drip coffee maker.
While there are certainly other 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ADU unit designs out there, very few come in as compact and efficient a space as the 726 sq. ft. footprint of this ADU. And when the extra bathroom space can mean an extra few hundred dollars a month in rental income or even that an additional family member can stay in this separate unit for the holidays, every square foot counts.
Other smaller adds, such as in-unit washer and dryer and aligning one bathroom to open to the common area, further enhance the unit's value. It's the little touches like being able to wash laundry, linens, and towels in the comfort of your own home that makes this living space special.
Other ways to spice up the space like olive oil hand soaps, guest conditioner and body wash, or spa-quality beauty products in the guest bathroom can really make this home away from home a luxurious experience for holiday guests.
Whether for friends and family, your own personal use, or for rental income, the unit is laid out to fulfill any of those needs. You can even include a keypad code or lockbox for easy entry and exit, no in-person key exchange required.
Within the bedroom and bathroom spaces, Cottage's custom approach takes center stage, with the homeowner choosing from fixtures and finishes that matched their budget and use case.
Instead of restoring an older space to its former glory, this brand new build creates the opportunity for guest amenities or personalization like a unique breakfast nook, private back patio, or keyless door code suited to your unique tastes.
Because Cottage offers custom designed, stick-built, and quality ADUs, we can help you design the right ADU for your property and needs.
If your priority is a fine dining experience, we can make sure your formal dining room opens with the panache and flair your farm-to-table concepts deserve. If you're partial to summer BBQs, we can make room for a covered patio with a gas BBQ grill perfect for entertaining. And if a full-size laundry room is integral to your dream ADU, we can make sure it's at the top of our design to-do list.
Your suggestions and helpful communication are at the core of each and every design decision. We do thorough check-ins about what you need, so we can give you exactly what you want. Whether you are interested in an efficient 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit such as this one or a different ADU unit entirely, we are here to help from A-to-Z.
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